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The Coletti Institute

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About the Founders

The Coletti Institute


The Coletti Institute is an organization which advocates for improved educational accomodations for children with learning differences. Formerly the Haan Foundation, this group has been working towards reform in the American educational system for many years. Their goal is to make sure that all Americans have a good foundation, and that our schools continue to progress.


The founder of the Coletti Institute and Haan Foundation, Cinthia Haan, has been fighting for education reform for more than 20 years!

About the Website


The site Vento Solutions built for the Coletti Institute is a comprehensive tool for the non-profit organization. The Coletti Institute's website features visually stunning graphics and layouts, as well as intuitive navigation.


The Coletti Institute adds a non-profit site with donations acceptance, multi-media players, and dozens of educational pages to Vento's award-winning web design portfolio.

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